Best Sites, Markets, and Tips for Betting on the Preakness Stakes in 2022

Putting money on the Preakness Stakes will significantly increase the thrill you get from seeing the best three-year-olds in the nation compete for the championship. You can wager on the winner, second-place finisher, or show of the race, or you can try your luck on more unusual Preakness Stakes betting markets like the exacta and trifecta.

But first, you need to locate a reputable, high-quality Preakness Stakes betting site, and we can assist you in finding the best racebook for your requirements. Additionally, this guide will highlight the wagering possibilities, list any incentives available, and provide betting pointers and suggestions for the Preakness Stakes in 2022.

Putting money on the Preakness Stakes will significantly increase the thrill you get from seeing the best three-year-olds in the nation compete for the championship. You can wager on the winner, second-place finisher, or show of the race, or you can try your luck on more unusual Preakness Stakes betting markets like the exacta and trifecta.

But first, you need to locate a reputable, high-quality Preakness Stakes betting site, and we can assist you in finding the best racebook for your requirements. Additionally, this guide will highlight the wagering possibilities, list any incentives available, and provide betting pointers and suggestions for the Preakness Stakes in 2022.

Preakness Stakes 2022 Key Information

Preakness Stakes in 2022

Date: May 21, 2022, Saturday

It is now 6.50 p.m. ET

Location: Baltimore, Maryland’s Pimlico Racecourse

TV network: NBC Sports

Favourite: +250 Epicenter

Websites to Bet on the Preakness Stakes

The top 10 locations for Preakness Stakes wagering in 2022 have been determined. Customers from all over the United States are welcome on these websites. They offer prompt payouts and are legitimate, trustworthy bookmakers:

These offshore bookmakers for the Preakness Stakes are located. It is therefore totally legal for you to sign up with any of them, and they can welcome players from every region of the United States.

Reviews of the Top Preakness Stakes Racebooks & Betting Sites

Different odds, incentives, and user interfaces are available at the top Preakness Stakes betting sites. To choose the racebook that best meets your needs, read our reviews:

The leading Preakness Stakes betting site is BetOnline.

For anyone interested in placing a wager on the Preakness Stakes, BetOnline is the ideal option. Sharp bettors like it because it is the first to offer futures betting odds on the race; they are released right after the Kentucky Derby. Additionally, it provides some of the most acceptable fixed odds on the market for the event.

You can access a wide range of Preakness Stakes betting options on race day, including straights and exacta. Additionally, it has some fantastic racebook extras that will entice anyone interested in placing a wager on the adorably called Run for the Black-Eyed Susans.

BetOnline provides a dependable mobile site and a user-friendly UI. You can instantly locate the Preakness Stakes lines and place a wager. Additionally, same-day bitcoin payouts are available. However, credit card fees are applied to deposits; thus, utilizing cryptocurrency or a P2P transfer is preferable.

All websites that welcome horseplayers from around the United States have sparsely described racecards, including this one. However, after finding comprehensive prior performance data on an alternative website, you can rapidly place your bets at BetOnline.

Preakness Stakes Betting Options

At BetOnline, you can wager on futures and fixed odds for the Preakness Stakes. You’ll be able to make a far wider variety of bets as the race gets closer. Win, Place, Show Exacta, Trifecta, Quinella, Superfecta, and Super Hi-Five are a few of them. These wagers’ winnings are determined on a pari-mutuel basis.

Additionally, you can combine your Preakness Stakes wager with bets on other events to increase your chances of winning more money.

Discounts & Bonuses

If you utilize cryptocurrency, the BetOnline promo code will entitle you to a 100% sportsbook deposit bonus worth up to $1,000. BetOnline will also give you a $25 risk-free racebook wager when you sign up, enabling you to bet for free on the Preakness Stakes, albeit this is not intended to be a gift for horse racing gamblers.

Your winnings will be free bet credits, subject to a 1x rollover requirement. Additionally, BetOnline provides a daily reimbursement of up to 9% on any potential racebook losses. On straight bets, the refund is 4%; on exotic wagers, like exacta or trifecta, it is 9%.

What we enjoy:

  • Releases Preakness Stakes futures with fixed odds quickly
  • Provides some of the best Preakness Stakes odds available.
  • Provides dependable, swift cryptocurrency withdrawals
  • Offers a rebate along with a $25 risk-free racebook wager.

What we miss:

  • Fees for credit card deposits
  • High bonus rollover requirements

A Great Option for Preakness Stakes Futures Is Bovada

Anyone interested in placing a wager on the Preakness Stakes before the race day might check out the Bovada sportsbook as another fantastic alternative. Fixed-odds futures for the primary race have already been made available. On some of the runners, it offers odds that are worse than BetOnline. You can look at both websites to compare prices on horses you like.

This online racebook is quite similar to BetOnline in that it is clear, simple to use, has speedy cryptocurrency payouts, and has a reliable reputation.

The bonus system is the primary distinction between Bovada and BetOnline, with some differences in odds. Bovada’s welcome bonus may be used on horse racing, which is fantastic. It does not, however, provide a free bet or a refund.

Preakness Stakes Betting Options

Fixed-odds wagering is available at Bovada for the Preakness Stakes. Along with BetOnline, it is one of the first websites to provide futures on the race. Bovada and BetOnline outperform sites like Xbet, MyBookie, and BetUS in this area.

You may quickly put win, place, show, exacta, and trifecta bets on the Preakness Stakes at Bovada on race day. If you win, your rewards will be credited to your account quickly.

Discounts & Bonuses

You may get a 75% deposit match bonus of up to $750 using the Bovada promotional code. The bonus money may be used for horse racing, and a 5x rollover condition must be met before cashing out. Although a lower bonus is available for non-crypto users, this offer is available for crypto users.

What we enjoy:

  • Preakness Stakes futures were promptly released.
  • Has better odds than BetOnline on some Preakness Stakes runners
  • Use the welcome bonus for horse racing.
  • The rollover required is relatively minimal.
  • Rapidly uses bitcoins to pay out.

What we miss:

  • No racebook discount
  • There may be more significant betting restrictions for some games.

BetUS – Comprehensive Preakness Stakes Information

BetUS complete our top three Preakness Stakes betting sites. Although it takes longer than BetOnline and Bovada to release fixed odds for the event, they are still available 11 days before the race, allowing you plenty of time to place future bets.

It offers less appealing odds than BetOnline on a few horses, but it does have market-beating odds on a few runners. Therefore, reviewing the fixed odds at BetUS before placing a wager on the Preakness Stakes this year is wise.

The racebook and the wagering choices are incredibly comparable to those at Bovada and BetOnline. Large bonuses are available from BetUS. However, they are not for the racebook. We also appreciate BetUS’s video analysis of Triple Crown events from its handicappers. Select “More Sports” from the “BetUS TV” menu.

Preakness Stakes Betting Options

BetUS has posted Preakness Stakes futures odds. You can request odds on other horses or put win bets on any of the runners listed. Every wager has a result.

On the day of the Preakness Stakes, BetUS will accept straight and exotic wagers, and if you are successful, you will receive prompt and dependable payment.

Discounts & Bonuses

You can receive up to $3,125 in bonus money using the BetUS promo code, which will be split between the sportsbook and the online casino. Horseplayers cannot use these funds.

What we enjoy:

  • Some runners in the Preakness Stakes have appealing odds.
  • Video handicapping commentary on Triple Crown events
  • Large incentives from sportsbooks
  • Simple to use bet slip

What we miss:

  • No bonuses from racebooks
  • Slower than the opponents indicated above in releasing Preakness Stakes odds

Easy-to-Use Preakness Stakes Betting Site: Xbet

We suggest beginners use the user-friendly online racebook Xbet. It allows you to place bets quickly and has a fairly straightforward user interface. Additionally, top-notch is customer support.

The sites indicated above are better for Preakness Stakes futures than this one. You would need to get in touch with the staff to ask for prices on additional possible competitors because it posted its Preakness Stakes betting odds a few days after BetOnline and Bovada. Additionally, there were only lines on a select few horses.

On the day of the Preakness Stakes race, Xbet is a terrific alternative because it offers daily horse racing betting. It also has a devoted and well-regarded casino and is one of the top US sportsbooks.

Preakness Stakes Betting Options

When you go to Xbet, you may put future bets on some of the prospective Preakness Stakes runners. You should have no trouble placing straights and exotics on race day.

Discounts & Bonuses

To receive a 50% sportsbook sign-up bonus of up to $500, use the Xbet coupon code INSIDERS at checkout. Additionally, it will refund you 3% for any losses on straight bets you have on the Preakness and 7% for losses on exotic wagers.

What we enjoy:

  • Simple and user-friendly UI for online gambling
  • Ideal for those who have never placed a Preakness Stakes wager before
  • Offers reimbursement for racebooks
  • Possesses a solid reputation among gamblers

What we miss:

  • Offers fewer fixed-odds futures on runners than some of its competitors.
  • Reduced racebook rebate compared to BetOnline.
  • Competitive Rebate from MyBookie for Preakness Stakes Bettors

Since Xbet and MyBookie are sister websites, they both provide coverage of the Preakness Stakes. Aside from the colour style, the only significant distinction between the sites is the promotions they provide.

The rebate for horse racing at MyBookie is 8%. The welcome bonus is the same; however, there is a 10x rollover requirement instead of XBet’s 7x requirement. Because of this, we think Xbet is somewhat superior, although both sites are good choices for newcomers who want to wager on the Preakness Stakes.

Preakness Stakes Betting Options

Preakness Stakes futures have just been made available by MyBookie. They are identical to those at Xbet. On the day of the primary race, you will also be able to wager on the win, place, show, exacta, quinella, trifecta, and superfecta.

Discounts & Bonuses

You can get a 50% welcome bonus of up to $250 by using the MyBookie promotional code that can be found on the website. There is a 10x rollover demand. Additionally, you are eligible for reimbursement of up to 8% on any Preakness Stakes wagering losses. There is a 1x rollover condition for the rebate.

What we enjoy:

  • Affordable racebook rebate
  • Simple interface for new users
  • Outstanding sportsbook and casino
  • The incredible mobile betting platform

What we miss:

  • More excellent rollover criteria than Xbet
  • Slower than some competitors to release futures
  • Getting Started with a Preakness Stakes Betting Site

You should be able to open an account with a Preakness Stakes betting site in a few minutes. Simply adhere to these procedures to open an account right now:

1. Click “Join” on the BetOnline website.

To access BetOnline, use the link we’ve supplied. To access the sign-up form, click the lime green “Join” box to the right of the webpage.

2. Give your a few identifying details

Enter your contact and personal information. Pick a secure password that is distinct from anything else you’ve ever used.

3. Your Racebook account with money

Use any offered methods, and deposit $20 or more. You might transfer money using a credit card, a bank transfer, a P2P network, or a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

4. Select the Preakness Stakes from the Racebook section.

On the main sportsbook menu, it may be found in the “Horse Racing – Futures” section at first, but closer to the race day, it will be in the “Racebook” section.

5. Watch the race while placing a wager.

Choose your stake, a bet type (such as the win, place, or show), and then click on any horse that grabs your attention. Click to place the wager. Selecting multiple horses allows you to place exotic bets like exactas, trifectas, and quinellas in the bet slip. You will receive a payment if your wager wins after the race.

The page provides a wealth of more information on Preakness Stakes 2022 wagering.

Common Preakness Stakes betting market types

The two main types of Preakness Stakes wagers are straight bets and exotic wagers. To understand more about the different wager options offered on this renowned race, continue reading:

Direct wagers

The win, place, and show are the three straight bets. Alternatively, you can make an across-the-board bet consisting of three chances: one on the winner, one on the place, and one on the show. Therefore, a $10 across-the-board wager would cost you $30.

Get Bet

This is the most straightforward and well-liked Preakness Stakes betting choice. You just have to guess which horse will win the race.

In advance of the event, the Preakness Stakes betting providers will publish fixed odds on the leading candidates. This implies that if you bet on any runners, you will know exactly how much you stand to win. The odds also reveal the implied success chance of each horse.

For instance, if you wager $100 on Simplification at +800 and he wins the race, you will profit $800. Additionally, it implies that he has an 11.1 per cent chance of winning the campaign.

You can place a pari-mutuel wager on the Preakness Stakes on race day. The total amount wagered on the win is added to a pool. The remaining is distributed among the gamblers who selected the winning horse after the industry takes its portion. You will see a dividend payment that details the expected return for each $1 bet on the runner.

An illustration would be Simplification to win the Preakness Stakes at +800.

Put Money On

A horse to place first or second in the Preakness Stakes is the subject of this wager. It doesn’t matter if the horse you’ve chosen places first or second. The only need is that they place in the top two. If you wager on the location rather than the outcome, you will earn less money, but your chances of succeeding are higher.

After the race, the payout on a placing wager is determined on a pari-mutuel basis. Your exact payout won’t be known until after the race, but you can use the Morning Line odds to estimate the dividend each runner might produce.

For illustration, Un Ojo will cost $4.50 to place in the Kentucky Derby.

Put Bet

This wager is on a horse to place among the top three finishers. Regardless matter whether your preferred horse places first, second, or third, you will receive the same payment.

Example: Happy Jack will cost $12.20 to enter the Kentucky Derby.

Exotic Gambling

Exotic bets allow you to make a sizable profit from a relatively modest investment. An excellent exotic bet might be challenging to place, but the rewards are great if you can do it. Anyone interested in placing an exotic wager on the Preakness Stakes should be aware of the following:

Actual Bet

This wager is made on both the Preakness Stakes winner and the runner-up. The term comes from the need to specify the precise sequence in which they must cross the line.

A pari-mutuel pool will be used to determine how much money you win. Your reward will be higher if you combine two somewhat unpopular horses for a winning Preakness Stakes exacta because it is distributed among bettors with winning tickets.

A $2 Exacta at $308.60 on Un Ojo to win the Kentucky Derby and Simplification to place second.

Bet by Quinella

An exacta is more complex than a quinella. You can choose the first and second finishers for your two horses. A quinella is identical to a two-horse exacta box, but the payout differs since it comes from a different pari-mutuel betting pool.

Example: $2 Preakness Stakes Quinella at $493.60 for Un Ojo and Happy Jack.

Triple Chance

Predicting the first three horses to cross the finish line is required for a trifecta. You must provide the exact sequence in which they will end. Therefore, a successful trifecta is much trickier to pull off than an exacta, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a hefty payoff.

To simplify it, box three or more runners together and produce a string of trifectas inside that group. An example of a trifecta box is that.

Using Rich Strike, Simplification, and Blackadder in a $0.50 Trifecta wager on the Kentucky Derby would return $1,88.45.

A superfecta wager

To place a superfecta, you must correctly predict the winner, the runner-up, the third-place horse, and the fourth-place horse. Once more, you must be very specific about the order. Payouts can be very high because it is so challenging.

Example: A $1 Kentucky Derby Superfecta with Rich Strike, Simplification, Blackadder, and Smile Happy paid $11,456.80.

High-Five Super Bet

Make a Super Hi-Five if you want to make Preakness Stakes a wagering challenge. The first five horses must be named to cross the line in that exact order.

A $1 Kentucky Derby Super Hi-Five with Rich Strike, Simplification, Blackadder, Smile Happy, and Jack Christopher won $276,548.16.

Use Promo Codes & Bonus Offers for Preakness Stakes Betting

The Preakness Stakes are available for wagering on many websites, so they must work hard to attract customers. Most provide a tempting sign-up offer to differentiate themselves from the competition. Numerous racebooks also provide ongoing promotions to entice and stop you from switching to a competing website.

The primary bonuses to watch out for are as follows:

Sign-Up Bonus

Most online sportsbooks will credit your account with a portion of the first deposit you make. For instance, BetOnline offers a 100% bonus up to $1,000, while Xbet only provides a 50% bonus up to $500.

These deals typically involve sports betting. However, the racebook accepts the Bovada welcome bonus, a 75% up to $750 deal. Before you may withdraw money, you must roll over both your deposit and the bonus money five times.

Free wagers

Leading racebooks like BetOnline provide free bets on horse racing. You’ll receive a $25 risk-free wager on the Preakness Stakes. When you stake $25 and your chance loses, BetOnline will give you your money back.

You should know that the reimbursement is given as site credit rather than cash. After that, a 6x rollover requirement must be satisfied before you can withdraw any additional profits.

Rebates for horse races

The top online bookmakers offer a refund for any racebook losses you incur. The percentage increases to 9% at BetOnline, 8% at MyBookie, and 7% at Xbet. It covers net losses that happen every day or every week.

Exotic bets typically have more excellent refund rates than straight bets. For instance, BetOnline offers rebates of 4% on straights and 9% on exotics. Before cashing out, you typically have to fulfil a 1x rollover requirement on any money you got through a refund.

The Favorites in 2022 Preakness Stakes Betting Odds

The first two racebooks to provide futures odds on the Preakness Stakes were BetOnline and Bovada. They’ve been joined by BetUS, Xbet, and MyBookie recently. Since Xbet and MyBookie are sister sites, the odds at both are similar. Hence we have just published the Xbet odds.

These costs are subject to vary as the race approaches, and some of the competitors may be scratched. Check out our comprehensive guide for more information on Preakness Stakes betting odds.

Preakness Stakes runners from the Kentucky Derby

The Preakness Stakes, which takes place between the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont, is the second race of the storied Triple Crown. 2018’s Justify was the last horse to triumph in all three contests.

In the past ten years, Justify in 2018, American Pharaoh in 2015, California Chrome in 2014, and I’ll Have Another in 2012 are the only horses that have won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness.

The primary race that everyone looks to for indicators of how the Preakness might proceed is the Kentucky Derby. The Preakness is a little bit shorter (1 3/16 miles) than the Kentucky Derby (1 1/4 miles); thus, any horses that were losing steam in the latter stages of the Derby would be well-liked.

Favourite Epicenter appeared to have everything it would take to win the Kentucky Derby and live up to that reputation. Still, he was overtaken just before the finish line by big underdog Rich Strike. Rich Strike paid $163.60 for a $2 win wager, giving him the second-biggest underdog winner of all time after Ethereal Road withdrew from the race.

The Preakness Stakes will see Rich Strike make a comeback. Epicentre is anticipated to participate as well. The third-place finisher in the Derby Zandon is listed as questionable for the Preakness. Tiz the Bomb and White Aborrio, two candidates for the Derby, will also not be there.

Un Ojo will run at the Preakness after missing the Derby because of a bruised foot. If he recovers in time, Ethereal Road might also participate. Secret Oaks, the filly that triumphed in the Kentucky Oaks, is an additional intriguing possibility.

Five suggestions for Preakness Stakes wagering in 2022

Your odds of winning while placing a wager on the renowned Preakness Stakes can be increased by following our advice:

1. Get the Best Chances

In the United States, pari-mutuel betting is used to pay out the majority of horse races. Regardless of the Racebook, you choose to utilize; the payout is always the same. The Preakness stands apart because fixed-odds betting is also available on it.

Each runner in the Preakness Stakes has different odds offered by competing racebooks. Finding the tremendous odds is crucial because it can significantly impact your ability to profit.

2. Examine the Expert Picks

An elite horse race like the Preakness Stakes is challenging to predict because of the field’s overall high calibre. You can delegate the difficult labour to a professional. For tips on approaching this race, look at Preakness Stakes betting picks.

3. Get a Bonus

When you wager on the Preakness Stakes, you are eligible to receive a sizable bonus. By claiming these incentives, you can increase your chances of being profitable overall and reduce the house edge incorporated into the Preakness Stakes odds.

4. Think about the place and show bets.

Most gamblers consistently place bets on horses to win the Preakness Stakes. Due to the high calibre of each runner, it may be wiser to wager on the event or the show. That was made clear at the Kentucky Derby when a sizable underdog defeated the firm favourite.

5. Component of Fatigue

The Preakness Stakes is only two weeks after the Kentucky Derby; thus, horses seeking to excel in both contests may experience tiredness. A younger horse who skipped the Derby would be a good choice. Also, remember that the distance is slightly shorter, which may favour horses like Epicenter, who had trouble closing at the Derby.

The History of Preakness Stakes Statistics

Two years before the first Kentucky Derby race, the Preakness Stakes was first held in 1873. It now sits between the Derby and the Belmont as the second leg of the Triple Crown. These figures demonstrate its rise to prominence:

In the first Preakness Stakes, there were only seven starters. Three-year-old Survivor, who John Chamberlain rode, prevailed by ten lengths to take home the $2,500 first prize.

Maryland Governor Oden Bowie gave the race its name in honour of Preakness, a colt that won the Dinner Party Stakes on the first day Pimlico was open in 1870.

Between 1890 to 1909, the Preakness Stakes was held in New York before returning to Pimlico in Baltimore.

Only the Kentucky Derby attracts more spectators to an American race than the Preakness Stakes.

In 1919, the prize money rose to $25,000, and in 1946, it reached $100,000. By 1989, it had reached $500,000. In 1997, it had reached $1 million. The available funds total $1.5 million.

Four of the six fillies to win the Preakness did it before 1925. But Rachel Alexandra triumphed in 2009, and Swiss Skydiver took first place in 2020.

Since 1978, only American Pharaoh (2015) and Justify have won the Triple Crown.

The race’s fastest time is 1:53, set in 1970 by the illustrious Secretariat. The winning margin was 11.5 lengths in 2004 for Smarty Jones.

R. & Bob Baffert With seven wins each, Wyndham Walden is the most successful trainer.

Apps & Mobile Options for Betting on the Preakness Stakes

You may easily place a wager on the Preakness with the help of horse racing betting apps like TwinSpires and TVG. Both horse racing betting apps provide incredibly thorough racecards and live streaming of the Preakness Stakes on both platforms.

For newbies, though, they could be a little overwhelming. If so, Preakness Stakes betting sites with mobile optimization, like BetOnline and Xbet, make life simpler for you.

Preakness Stakes Betting Near Me

In more than 40 states, there are either horse racing tracks or off-track betting shops. For instance, if you want to wager on horse racing in Florida, you can visit a well-liked racetrack or an off-track betting establishment.

This includes wagering on horse racing in Maryland, where the Preakness is contested, where several racetracks and off-track betting venues are available. However, placing your Preakness Stakes wagers online is always more time-efficient and practical, and you’ll also get bonuses.

More information on horse racing wagering

Check out some other resources from our experts if you want to learn more about betting on the Preakness Stakes:

Learn how to interpret the Preakness Stakes betting odds with our guide to the odds.

Detailed instructions on how to wager on the Preakness Stakes are provided in this article.

Picks for the win, place, show, exacta, and trifecta in the Preakness Stakes from expert handicappers

Best Racebooks: Use these apps to wager on horses on the go.

Understanding pari-mutuel wagers and their availability is key to pari-mutuel betting.

Pool betting: Review our in-depth primer before you start.

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The top betting site for the 2022 Preakness Stakes

The best website to place a wager on the Preakness Stakes in 2022 is BetOnline. It provides exceptionally alluring fixed-odds futures on the front-runners in the race. On the day of the race, you will also be able to wager on various pari-mutuel choices, including straights and exotics.

Along with a sizable sportsbook welcome offer, it will also provide you with a $25 risk-free wager on the Preakness Stakes. BetOnline delivers timely, consistent payouts if you win. You won’t have any trouble figuring out how to place a bet because the racebook site is similarly user-friendly. Sign up at BetOnline right away to place a wager on the second leg of the Triple Crown.

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